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Fliq Notes / Tasks (iOS 10+)
Last Updated 4 years ago

There is no update planned at this time to address iOS 10 or later compatibility and Fliq Notes and Fliq Tasks have been removed the App Store for iOS.

A way to export your notes is to email each note to yourself, this can be done from within Fliq Notes if running iOS 10 or earlier.

Warning: Fliq Notes / Tasks will not launch on iOS 11. To export your data, would require using an older iOS or manually.
To manually export, backup iOS device with iTunes on a computer.
Find this file:

Use the directions in this article to find the above file:

Use a SQL viewer like this one to export the data:

Review this PDF for help on exporting notes with a SQL viewer app.

If you get a message the SQL file is password protected, turn off Encypted backup in iTunes and try again.

If you have Notes still in Mark/Space Notebook on the desktop, follow these steps to Import into Apple Notes.

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