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Move Fliq Notes data from old Android device to new Androd device
Last Updated 4 years ago

There are two ways to transfer Fliq Notes from your old device:

Option 1:

Install SwitchBack on your old device and backup the Notes data, install SwitchBack on the new device and transfer the data.

Option 2:

From with Fliq Notes on the old device:

Notes can be backed up to the local storage of the device. Open Fliq Notes and tap menu, Settings

Scroll down and select Local Backup or Local Restore to either make a backup or restore an old backup

Warning - Creating a new backup will overwrite any previous backup.

To view the location, use a File Explorer app on your device and navigate to Main Storage > MarkSpace > backup > notes.sqlite

Email or transfer the notes.sqlite to the new phone.

With your File Explorer app, create the same folder:

MarkSpace > backup >

Copy the notes.sqlite into the backup folder.

Open Fliq Notes on the new phone, Settings

Scroll down and select Local Restore

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