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Add sideloaded games to Argon - Android device
Last Updated 2 months ago

Sideloaded games are available to Argon subscribers.

Sideloaded games are scanned and added to Project Argon, when they are placed in the Download folder on your device.

Creating a folder called "Argon" in your Download folder and then any sub-folders within the Argon folder will also be scanned for games.

Games at the Download folder level and within a sub-folder will not be scanned. Single games at the root of the Download folder only will be added to Project Argon.

While Argon will attempt to match sideloaded games, to ensure your game is available in Project Argon, the following extensions are recognized for games:

  • Atari 2600 - .a26
  • Atari Lynx - .lnx
  • ColecoVision - .col
  • Intellivision - .int
  • Vectrex - .vec

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